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Custom Bedframes & Headboards

Customize your bedroom with a soft and fashionable upholstered headboard for sweet dreams and a beautiful finishing touch.

Turn your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary.... There are so many choices when it comes to designing a custom headboard. Selecting the specific size, favorite color, desired shape and best fabric can be hard. We’re here to help!

Add luxury and comfort with an upholstered headboard. They come in a variety of shapes with coordinating fabrics to complement your bedding and other bedroom decor.

We can transform your ideas, or your photos into beautiful custom headboards. United Decorators handcrafts custom headboards for a perfect fit that suits your style and space. 

Custom Bedframe and Headboard Photo Gallery


Custom Bedskirts

Custom Bedskirts have been historically thought of as traditional. Bedskirts were widely used to cover bed frames and posts. Today, bedskirts are more than dust collectors and ways to cover bedroom furniture. You can make a beautiful design statement with a custom bedskirt. Custom bedskirts can highlight your overall bedroom ensemble to create a fashionable look.

Bedskirts can be simple or chic. You can choose bedskirts with floral patterns fabrics, graphic designs, solids or stripes in various pleat sizes and styles. Cotton, linen, velvet, mircrofibers and more, surround your bed with the very best in softness, durability and beauty. United Decorators will help you create a custom bedroom skirt that’s unique to your room and personality. After all, you deserve to relax in a place that brings you total piece and comfort.

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